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No Pain by Ganga

Breaking the conventional barriers of the tattoo industry

Large tattoos done without pain.
Four sessions now all in one.

No Pain by Ganga is the first of its kind to break the conventional barriers of traditional tattooing.

Pain has been linked to tattoos since the very beginning. There are different factors that determine how painful one’s experience can be, such as where we choose to place the art on our body and the size of the tattoo. Because of these factors, this limits the hours tattooing due to the accumulation of pain one builds over time.

Getting a large scale tattoo somewhere such as your entire arm or back is usually done in several sessions with your tattoo artist.

However, No Pain by Ganga is an innovative method created to perform tattoos with no size limit and without any pain, thus bringing your tattoos to life in a much quicker, painless way.

Our technique consists of the use of anesthetics with qualified medical personnel that is specially prepared for this type of work environment. This way, we are able to work on large surfaces of the body for a long period of time and on some occasions, have multiple artists working on the body at the same time.
Our clients are able to obtain tattoos that traditionally would need 3 or more sessions distributed over several weeks, now done in just a couple of hours with no pain at all.

We are committed to consistently improving the experience of our clients and No Pain by Ganga represents an important advance for the tattoo industry in order to pave the way for new innovations in our future.

Tattoos completed in a single session
No Pain by Ganga

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