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Artist from Venezuela specializing in Black and Grey realism

Clay Rodríguez grew up in Los Teques, a small town in Venezuela. Since I
was a child I always had an interest in art in general, I drew every day,
which as I grew up made me see all the means by which I could express
my art and led me to discover the world of graffiti and then through a
friend in architecture school finally getting to know the incredible world of
tattooing which I really fell in love with and began to learn.

He then began to travel with his tattoos, attending conventions and
making guest appearances at tattoo studios around the world, which took
me to different countries around the world and then to reside in the USA
to grow my career as an artist.

I am from Venezuela, I am currently 30 years old, and I have been
tattooing for 8 years.

My style is interesting, I specialize in black and gray, and within my art
you can see the influence of my studies in art, the Renaissance and Greek
mythology which I like to merge with my love for architecture and graffiti,
integrating blueprint and fragments of my art books which makes me
constantly evolve my compositions and create truly original projects.

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