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Artist Specializing in Fine line and Microrealism

I was born & raised in the Philippines. Moved in the US in 2009.
Start tattooing in May 2017 but professionally I would say.
I focus mainly on clean fine line and micro-realism tattoos, I take time to make everything
faultless and crisp. Whether the design you’re looking for is something understated and minimalist, or vivid and intricate, I’m here for it. I’d say, what sets me apart is the versatility of styles I can do, where a lot of artists really enjoy one genre, I really enjoy taking a bit of everything.
From lines to letters, portraits or Syrobols, my tattoos have a distinct quality to them.

As I was growing up, there were only two things in this world that I was passionate about art and music.
My ultimate dream was to be a rockstar, but art has always been a big part of my life. I was highly influenced by my Dad, an amazing artist who specializes in real-life paintings, watercolor portraits, designs and many more.

When I was 18, everything changed as we moved ta the US (California) from the Philippines. I began working full-time and started earning. I struggled to find time to draw or paint and barely even touch a pencil or brush so I thought to my self to get over it and be successful in doing something else. Then I started getting tattoos as it began to be a fashion trend. Out of curiosity, I would always ask questions Revery artist who would do my tattoos, like “Left
difficult to do?” and so on.

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